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  1. Last thing Id be doing is standing near that thing making a video. Pre 1990s cars don’t have the same cut off valves that newer cars do. That could have easily made the lovely ‘pop’ sound and nicely developed a fireball around.

    • Yeah well I guess it didn’t :).
      Video was awesome, included the Action and suspense before the firecrew arrived. Lovely to see them in Acton

    • This Ford Mondeo is made in 2001

    • +LightningPete Fuel cut off valves simply shut off the electric fuel pump in the tank after an accident. Once the engine is turned off, they have no purpose.

  2. Antony Smith May 9, 2014 @ 4:45 pm

    Well done crew 🙂

  3. Not enough vids on here showing uk fire fighters in action. The best fire fighters in the world

  4. Mark Richardson July 20, 2014 @ 1:09 pm

    I have a request. Just one. Can your next upload PLEASE be of Luton town centre up in flames??

  5. Hassan Siddiqui August 13, 2014 @ 3:07 pm

    @ feelfilter: bro is it kingsway?

  6. We had an Astra on fire in our neighborhood. There’s a video on my channel.

  7. Now that’s the way to get water on a car fire fast 30 seconds from the time the truck stopped. Here in the USA it takes 1 to 3 minutes not seconds most of the time.

    • Th key is the hose, British fire engines have the small this hose lines seen in this video, they’re pre connected and can be brought up to pressure in seconds, for small fires like this they’re all that’s needed but the idea is to start having an impact while the rest of the crew connect the larger lines to the pump, it’s all very efficient over here 😀

    • They’d have sent a ladder truck to that in the US of A, they would then all get out then get their PPE on, then the BA. By the time they had risk assessed everything that row of house would now have been fully engulfed too. US FF’s are embarrassing at times.

    • Dont forget Sweden!

    • I made it 24 secs from truck stop to HPD putting water on the flames – good job!

    • Likewise in New Zealand and Australia, most if not all appliances have two High Pressure Delivery’s on reels that can be deployed fairly much as soon as the appliance stops. Troops are all kitted up and ready to work from the get go.

  8. Nice camera work

  9. So dickhead this was deliberate ARSON right has shown by your Witch moving accross the roof?? “Come on reply or reply to the POLICE”!!

  10. Christopher Fisher January 4, 2018 @ 7:55 pm

    Stop. Car fire. One hose reel .

  11. Very smart turnout. Well done.

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