Fun Facts For Kids Countries of the World – United Kingdom

Check out these general knowledge facts for the UK.

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  1. You made several mistakes with this video:

    1) “The United Kingdom” is not interchangeable with “Britain”, “Great Britain”, etc.
    2) On the map at 00:30 you have included the Republic of Ireland (Éire) as part of the UK. The ROI is an entirely separate entity, and is not part of the UK.
    3) The national flag is actually known as the Union Flag. “Union Jack” is only used when the flag is flown at sea.
    4) “Big Ben” is merely a nickname. The actual name is the “Great Bell”.
    5) The first King of England was not William I, but rather King Æthelstan, whose reign began almost 150 years before William the Conqueror arrived.

    Also, you might want to check your presentation. Words are often off the screen entirely.

  2. ThatNeuroKid Mapping January 20, 2017 @ 7:41 pm

    Britain refers to Great Britain; where England, Scotland and Wales is mostly situated. The Union Jack refers to the Union Flag on ships.

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  6. Gordon Bennett , you have made so many mistakes . DO YOUR RESEARCH , BEFORE POSTING ON YouTube !

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