Incredible British Military Power | United Kingdom | Latest News HD

Incredible British Military Power | United Kingdom | Latest News HD

Before Comment , please connect your tongue to your brain

Before Comment , please connect your tongue to your brain

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Readers Comments (62)

  1. mean time their white genocide [theyre really crocs; not humans.. and naturally adapted to hell critters].. continues..back here in charming airhead armyless britain..buddha taught us ”be harmless”.. dont think he meant ‘armless’ …but that in fact is what we are….

    • I don’t think Gary read the bit above about connecting tongue to brain before commenting. I give him the benefit of the doubt that there is something with which to connect.

    • Obviously pills were not taken that day.

    • I have to say, if there was an award for talking total bollocks,  you would win it, so alas I don’t have a shiny cup, I would like to congratulate on the you tube 2016, mind fucking drivel award, PS if you were teach at a UK school, I would be asking for a refund.

  2. here british army…you know the film..gladiator?? somehow..over i’m the wrong sex an all..but thats a picture of me…or maybe its the other one or something? anyhow tptb must now sort out some sort of militia to back you up..well i’m here…and the ones who get it will be in them ..see? you lot are going to get your back up..and a stop like a judges hammer coming down on their effing white genocide too…we must stick together. [in your case like glue]..

  3. Proud to call UK our strongest ally! Much love from the States!

    • we are the only Allies, every combat front line war over the last 20 years, its been UK and USA troops with friendly Allies in the back round.

    • Yes Winston Churchill forever sealed our alliance in stone, one of the greatest men to ever exist on this earth, a man who had everything to lose and everything to gain but kept his cool and instilled pride and courage in his people through the toughest times Britain has every been through.

    • Yourare Thelast always first in and always last out. That’s how our two countries roll. British Bulldog Spirit and Bald Eagle Power.

    • Kenny Powers Well we are brothers in arms probably in my view one of the closest alliances in recent history.God bless the states and its free people

  4. F35???? yes one day maybe…… propaganda using cartoons LOL…where did you get that in Pinewood studios hahahahaha

    • ThePeople'sPanzer October 14, 2016 @ 4:38 pm

      Giovanni Tala The UK is getting F35s now. Most are in the states training the first few pilots, but they’re starting to bring them over now. I’ve personally seen the first one flying. We’re going to begin carrier operation in 2020 and you forget that they are quadrupling production now and the UK makes 20% of each F35B including the lift fans, tail sections and avionics.

    • well until the new update ( block 3F) it’s not ready  ( wanna see when) the F35 it’s only a nice toy for a nice demonstration tour without any real  warfare capability… after that they have to solve a  lot of structural issue….. why EU countries spent so much money when was possible to update OUR Eurofighter and ext op. flight to 2030…….Why we have to pay Looked development?? 

    • ThePeople'sPanzer October 17, 2016 @ 12:48 am

      +Giovanni Tala Actually the F35B is already in service with less capable 2B software, and on Lockheed’s sheet of tasks and priorities, British IOC is number one at the moment. The F35A (which Britain is pondering on buying to make up the non-carrier portion of our 138 plane fleet) is at 3I software, which has the basic infrastructure for 3F, and has most of the warfighting capability. the latest 3I has shown great software stability, greater than that of F16s on joint deployment. with 88/88 sorties on time, zero aerial restarts, only 2 ground restarts, and weapon accuracy of 15/16 bombs on target (the 16th had a weapon failure, not down to the aircraft) and on thses missions F15E Strike Eagles were tasked with shooting down the F35As, and there were 0 losses.
      There’s also no structural issues anymore, F35A has the airframe rated up to 11G and can pull 9G manoeuvres. 7 and 7.5G for the B and C versions respectively. The engine is working great (the “fire” reported last month was an engine starting up when a heavy 70kt gust blew back into the tailpipe and flamed the engine out, freak accident with no serious damage to the aircraft ) Other than that the F135 is proving one of the most reliable engines in service anywhere. Add to all this that an F35A costs LESS than a new Tranche III Eurofighter Typhoon, and that the new Queen Elizabeth class needs a fighter, and it makes total sense to buy the F35.
      Then there’s the 5th generation datalinking. As the only current fighter project in the works is FCAS (future combat air system) a collaboration between BAE systems and Dassault aviation to make a 5th gen+ UCAV (unmanned combat aerial vehicle) It doesn’t make much sense to keep buying 4th gen+ Typhoons that wouldn’t make good use of UCAVs. However when these UCAVs start entering service and replacing manned fighters, they’ll need 5th gen piloted aircraft to act as command and control, drone wingmen to the manned fighters if you like. The F35 is perfect for this role because of it’s insanely powerful sensors and datalinks, and future software upgrades that have been laid out in modules for much easier updating than on say the F22.
      The issue is that you’re thinking in the present, but the MOD and Lockheed have to think ten to twenty years ahead. The Lockheed skunk works have to think 40-50 years ahead these days. Bearing in mind the original concept for what the 5th generation would be arose in the 1980s and the full range of capabilities it promised won’t be here until the 2020s.

    • Thank you for your exhaustive answer.

  5. I live in the UK. we are as poor as other countries. We have reduced our military power.

    • yea the military has taken a hit but we are still very capable

    • and our schoold our police our nhs were on a bad slipery slope an theres gna be civil war eventually and they outnumber us 6to 1 white english we will fight till the end ay men

    • We are not poor…….actually we have the 5th biggest economy in the world.
      The problem has been with our politicians who have run down our military.
      Now that we have got rid of some of the traitorous politicians a few months ago, and left that awful EU, we should hopefully when the dust lies down, be able to rebuild our forces to a satisfactory level.

    • We Spend more on the British armed forces then any other country in western Europe and the 5th biggest economy in the world soon to be the 4th biggest

  6. One of our stongest allies!

  7. Such losers, the British.
    Scotland votes for secession. They join the EU. Northern Ireland vote for secession. They join the EU. That leaves puny little England begging the EU to take them back. lol

  8. The British armed forces do VERY well, given the seemingly endless budget cuts imposed to them by the British government. Their kit and training are first rate generally and they hold their own when fighting alongside American and NATO forces….they also have a very viable nuclear force. For their size and in relative terms, they have always done very well and have punched beyond their weight……respect where it is due.

    • john robertson Saudis you mean?

    • john robertson seriously stop listening to crazy conspiracy nuts, what do they believe in some world order is around, they have watched to many movies.

    • bang on. We’re lightweights but we’re able to drop a heavyweight. We’ve always stood by the US where as most other NATO countries have bottled it. Well proud of our armed forces.

    • Baron Monkerson to be honest we army really a small country considering we are 7th out of 190 in size and our military is 6th

  9. Wales voted out as well

  10. lets be honest, Britain as small as it is, has not lost many wars and once ruled the world, don’t rule them out.

  11. generalevilchicken October 28, 2016 @ 6:40 am

    God Bless America God Bless Britain and God Bless NATO LONG LIVE THE ALLIES!!!

  12. We have two fantastic ships that at best will have 8 to 12 f35s at best that’s the British government for you  until there is a conflict then they will carry up to 50 plus

  13. I’m so proud to be a dual citizen of both the U.K and U.S

  14. England has or very soon will have:-
    2 new aircraft carriers
    2 new trident nuclear submarines
    Astute class submarines
    138 F35b stealth bombers
    130 Updated Eurofighter jets
    6 class 45 destroyers
    8 class 26 destroyers ( on order )
    50 New Apache helicopters
    All challenger 2 tanks updated
    Camm land to air missile defences
    long range missile defences ( working on )
    As50 sniper rifles
    Supersonic drone bombers that are stealth.
    Warrior armour updates
    SAS has new equipment
    The list goes on and on. We have spent a considerable amount of money recently even with the budget cuts. England has put herself back on the cutting edge of military powers. Even Russia could not take England on it’s homeland.

    • And that’s what they let you know, the difference between countries , some brag and make it clear what they have, and even go into detail (Russia) funny the US and the UK never really say about what they are developing or developed.

    • MrAkitaDog England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland we are the Uk don’t be that guy

    • John Macpherson March 11, 2018 @ 10:04 pm

      MrAkitaDog What,England? Think you mean UK FUCKWIT!

  15. not bad for a tiny armed forces, we will have great force projection once our carriers are finished. We punch way above our weight anyway.

  16. Pacino_De_Niro _2 November 25, 2016 @ 10:41 pm

    Much love and respect from turkey

    • Mutlu Turk Respect to you Sir.

    • No respect to your oil theiving , terrorist backing , ethnic cleansing Government under President scumbag Erdogan ! Your government has left evidence all over Syria of trading arms and supplies with ISIS for stolen Syrian oil to further their ambitions for a new Ottoman Empire in the region . It ain’t going to happen .Get rid of Erdogan and his filth and you may find Turkey off the menu !

  17. TECHNICIAN ONE May 19, 2017 @ 3:20 am

    what a bunch of nonsense and misleading propaganda.  Showing a few clips of this or that might look pretty but has bugger all to do with having armed forces that are capable enough, and independent enough, to fight a distant war and win convincingly.    The Falkland’s campaign could never be repeated and if anything showed just how frail the UK really is if it came up against any armed forces that had any sense.

  18. I’m very proud of my country. However the ratio of military weapons/equiotment : defence budget is underwhelming.

  19. As a Briton, I hope Argentina attempts to invade the Falkland Islands again… *some of our latest weapons systems need to be tested against living hominids.*

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